Typos Will Kill You, and Me

Posted by Paul on June 7, 2013
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Who hasn’t been victim of a typo?  Me? You?  They sneak up don’t they?  Could be in this blog post.  Or a tweet, or worse, in an application for a writer’s job.  True story:  I was recently interviewing candidates for a web content writer position, and a woman who had been highly recommended to me sent in a real stinker.  Three typos in her resume, and two in her cover letter.  She did not get the job…she did not get an interview.  Self destruction!

Road stop on a street

I have a certain habit of leaving out the “r” in your.  I usually catch it before I make a fool out of myself, but I’m sure I’ve sent my share of embarrassing business emails.  Goes something like this:  ”Thank’s for you time”  or  ”Look  forward to hearing you thoughts”    Ugh.

It’s more fun to discover OPTs or Other People’s Typos.  HubSpot just put out a humorous list.  Check it out: 14 of the Worst Types We’ve Ever Seen


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