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Posted by Paul on July 24, 2013
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SF Giants Social Media Cafe

Tag it, tweet it, post it!  Social media use in sports has come a long way over the past three years.  Let’s take a look back at our 2010 survey comparing how Northern California professional sports teams were using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube:  Social Media Huge in Sports.

Since then, all teams have seen significant gains in the number of fans and followers through the natural explosion of social, and also through the creative use of new engagement strategies.

The San Francisco Giants are leading the way.  They opened a cool social media hot spot called the Giants Cafe and are hosting Social Media Night at the ballpark this Friday. A recent study by KTTape shows 83 percent of fans check social media sites while watching games at home and 63 percent visit apps or social media sites in stadiums   Ever missed that big play because you were trying to post a picture at the same time? Yup. #fail. But we all do it.

Teams have also gained fans by embracing newer social media feeds.  Check out this popular Warriors video contest showdown between Vine and Instagram.

For pure numbers, football is still king…as it was in 2010.  The San Francisco 49er’s recent run through the playoffs and trip to the Super Bowl certainly didn’t hurt. The 49ers now have 1,892,000 likes on Facebook compared to just over 198,000 three years ago.  That’s an increase of more than 855 percent.  414,000 follow @49ers on Twitter.

But they still can’t beat the Raider Nation at 1,916,000 on Facebook. That’s a jump of more than 1,160 percent from the Raider’s 152,000 FB fans in the summer of 2010!

Raiders Fan



265,000 follow @RAIDERS on Twitter.



Two World Series victories helped propel the Giants Facebook fan base to 1,708,801 compared to just over 397,000 in 2010.  On twitter @SFGiants  went from 24,000 to 446,500 followers during that same time. What’s the most popular sports hash-tag on twitter?  #sfgiants of course.

The A’s, who also went into the post season last year have shown a nice boost in numbers going from 200,000 fans on Facebook in 2010 to 397,000. And 125,000 follow the @Athletics on twitter now, compared to 8,800 three years back.

The Warriors, Kings and Sharks have also made amazing strides.


The Warriors now have 484,000 likes, compared to 60,000 three years ago.

San Jose Sharks hockey team

The Kings have  263,000 now, and 38,000 in 2010.

Sharks: 550,000 now.  In 2010: 89,000.


@warriors had 8,475 followers in 2010.  Now, 248,000.

@SacramentoKings had 16,500 in 2010.  Now, 153,000.

@SanJoseSharks  have 157,000 followers.  Only 15,000 three years ago.


What is your favorite team doing to connect with you?



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