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Posted by Paul on February 6, 2014
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What’s up with all those videos popping up on Facebook?

It’s all part of Facebook’s ten year anniversary.  A gift from “Mark “and the Facebook Team.

The Facebook Look Back videos are :62 second highlight reels documenting your Facebook history.  Some say they’re cheesy.  I think they’re harmless, and sort of  fun.  Tell me you haven’t been clicking on them for the past few days.  Right?

You can do something similar with #Twitter… using Vizify. It’ll produce a :45 second video that moves…with metrics you can use.   Like the Facebook video, Vizify uses your content (tweets) but creates a snapshot on how you actually use twitter.

Just log in using your twitter account and within seconds, Vizify makes

a short video out of your twitter feed, displaying, in order:



-your top pictures

-type of tweets based on your #hash-tags

- a graph showing when you tweeted

-your top tweet based on favorites and Re-Tweets

-your top three followers


Some may think these videos are a time suck.

At :62 and :45 seconds, I say they’re a welcome distraction.






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