Social Media: Huge in Sports

Posted by Paul on August 5, 2010
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Northern California pro sports teams are having a blast embracing social media.  I was at the San Francisco Giants game recently when the Jumbotron encouraged  fans to text in messages for display on the big screen.  A couple innings later we were invited to text pictures, which many did.  Fun!

That’s just one example of how teams are using social media to engage fans. From ticket promotions, to live tweets from sideline and dugout reporters, to players posting comments, the game is on!

Who’s doing it best?

Notes:  The Raiders don’t have an “official” Facebook fan page, but with more than 152,000 “likes” by the Raider Nation, who needs to be official?

The Raiders and Kings are the Kings of YouTube with more than 5,200 videos each. And the Warriors made good use of video with a recent contest asking fans to vote for their favorite new Warrior Girl.

All the teams feature websites that have been optimized for social media channels. The Kings, Warriors, and 49ers have done an especially nice job featuring conveniently located click-able social media badges on their home pages.

All teams have blogs. Nice.

These are just some of the highlights. What are you seeing? Please share how your favorite pro teams are using social media in the comments section below.

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