Using Twitter for Breaking News

Posted by Paul on October 10, 2011
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Traditional outlets like radio, television and newspapers have increasingly turned to social media as a way to augment their daily news gathering methods.  This is an essential practice for any news operation… because if you don’t embrace social media, you’ll be left behind by your competition.

Keep in mind, twitter and facebook will never replace picking up the phone or meeting with news sources in person.  However, editors and reporters must include social media as an important part of the mix,  especially for breaking news.

KGO radio news reporter Jenna Lane used twitter recently to track down jet passengers who survived an emergency landing.  The Virgin America flight took off from San Francisco International on a cross country flight to New York.  But an hour into the flight, passengers described hearing a bang, and smelled smoke.  The plane lost an engine, and had to quickly set down in Colorado.

At KGO radio, we’re constantly checking social media to keep on top of developing news.  And in this case, it helped Jenna score an exclusive interview!

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